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Tom Yum Crisp  

Code : snac001
Brand : Thai Tanya
Brief Description :
The uniqueness of Thai taste has charmed and impressed all encounters across the world, having Tom Yum Kung as one of the foremost menu that comes to mind when think of Thai food.
Full Description :

This significance has inspired Mr. Arvuth U. to transform the famous main dish into an innovative snack i.e. the Tom Yum Crisp, a transformed recipe that cleaved to the legendary flavour with well selected high quality ingredients and right proportion of Thai herbs that goes through hygienic production process has easily made Tom Yum Crisp an outstanding OTOP- product in Bungkum district. And not only has the people in Thailand tasted this innovative snack but Tom Yum Crisp has made its way through many other countries imposing the charismatic Thai taste in foreign land.

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