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Green Curry Paste  
Code : nit002
Brand : Nittaya
Brief Description :
Green curry is one of the most popular of all Thai curries. It's a little spicier than red curry with a distinctive fragrance. However, the spicy taste doesn't mask the fresh aromatic herbs and spices used in the recipe.

When cooking green curry it's timing and fresh ingredients are crucial.
Full Description :
Green Curry Paste
Green chilli, Shallots, Garlic, Galangal, Lemongrass, Kaffir lime- peel, Shrimp paste and salt

Coriander roots, Coconut milk, Crisp eggplant, Kafflelime leaf, Sweet basil, Salt, Fish sauce, Palm sugar, Free-range chicken and Spices. Don't worry if you cannot get some of them, all can be substitute (see tips).

Boil meat with dilute coconut milk. Heat 400ml concentrate coconut milk (medium heat) in a pan until oil appears on top. Add 50 grams of green curry paste cook until boiled. Seasons with fish sauce and palm sugar. Add meat stir until cooked. Add crisp eggplant and dilute coconut milk, heat until boiled. Garnish with concentrate coconut milk and fresh basil (serve two).

Red meat, fish balls and chicken work very well for green curry. Crisp eggplant can be substitute with any type of eggplant. Bamboo shoots are also delicious. Basil and coriander roots adds extra fragrance but not necessary. All the essentials are already in the paste. Soya milk can be used instead of coconut milk.

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