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Panang Curry Paste  
Code : nit004
Brand : Nittaya
Brief Description :
Panang is one of the many curries that based on red curry but there are more dry spices. It gives out a little stronger fragrance than red curry. This suits thick texture cooking style rather than soup type like red or green curry. It is usually cooked with meat and no vegetable. It is because all the added spices work really well with meat. The result is a curry full of flavor.
Full Description :

Meat 300grams, 300 grams coconut milk, fish sauce, sugar, sweet basil

Fried meat in oil or simmer in diluted coconut milk until tender. Heat a small amount of oil and add panang paste, cook until oil appears on top over low heat. Add meat, sweet basil and kaffir lime leaves. garnish with sweet basil.

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