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Kari Curry Paste  
Code : nit005
Brand : Nittaya
Brief Description :
Why Indian style? Because Kari is a Thai curry which is the most influenced by Indian curry. Like Massaman, Kari is very mild compared to other curry. It can also be called yellow curry. Thais have also developed a Thai yellow curry which is very different from Kari, Thai yellow curry is very similar to Tom Yum, It has no coconut milk and is very very spicy! It is popular in south of Thailand. Kari is a combination of all herbs and dried spices such as turmeric, cardamom and Cumin.
Full Description :
Kari Paste
Chilli, Shallots, garlic, galangal, Lemongrass, Shrimp Paste, Salt and spices.

500gram meat, 400 ml coconut milk, fish sauce, onion, palm sugar, potato.

Boil potato partly so when you finish preparing it will be cooked thoroughly. Heat 300ml concentrate coconut milk (medium heat) in a pan until oil appears on top. Add 70 grams of Kari paste, cook until boiled. Seasons with fish sauce and palm sugar. Add potato and meat, stir until cooked. Add dilute coconut milk, heat until boiled. Garnish with concentrate coconut milk.

Kari is very good with all kind of meat and seafood. Cherry potato can also be added.

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